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We are Aterbeat
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Afterbeat Ministries

Afterbeat is a international movement in The Netherlands and Europe that devotedly impacts the community with the love of Christ through social enterprise, youth work and school missions. 


Afterbeat in schools

Afterbeat is working in High Schools all over Europe with our professional Christian bands. These are our very own Afterbeat ambassadors. The bands specialize in music lessons, Christian celebrations and thematic lessons.

During a school week, we hand out free tickets to an event at the end of the week. There, our ambassadors bring the gospel in a challenging and relevant way, each with their unique musical style and powerful testimonies.

Afterbeat Coffee

Afterbeat Coffee is a social enterprise in The Netherlands with a passion for coffee, young adults, people with learning difficulties and young people with a distance to the labour market. 
We train our volunteers, clients and young people to become real baristas. We believe with our Christian values that everyone is made for a purpose in life. Afterbeat Coffee is more than just a coffeehouse. It is a community center  in the middle of society where we build relations with the community.

Youth Center

We use our Coffee Cafe in the evenings as a Youth Center where young people can go to our music studio or game room. But also during the day we have our rooms open for Youth. Our staff  is always ready for a chat if necessary. 

Everything is about building relationships with young people and invite them into discipleship courses. Always partnership with the local church. 

Church plants & partnerships

Afterbeat works in partnership with the local church. We believe that Jesus didn’t ask us to make decisions, but disciples. Big events with people who decide to follow Jesus is amazing, but we believe that the follow up is more important. That’s why Afterbeat doesn’t work on projects where churches aren’t involved.

In Veendam we have planted in partnership with City Life Church a church in our Coffeehouse. This unique project gained so much interest that we are working on partnerships to replicate the project.