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About us

Afterbeat is a international movement in The Netherlands that devotedly impacts the community with the love of Christ through social enterprise, youth work and school missions. Afterbeat aims to connect young people in schools to the wider community and the local church through workshops, lessons, school projects, social enterprise and local youth work. 


The Afterbeat charity has been working in schools for over 10 years in many nations in partnership with bands, schools, churches and other organisations. Next to usual music lessons we provide for schools, we use Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in combination with media and creativity in professionally-led lessons and assemblies to inspire young people, through a positive message of faith, identity, self-esteem, resilience and mental health.

Afterbeat combines passionate schools work with events where we proclaim the gospel. Afterbeat supports the local church in a follow-up event where the local church can build long-existing relationships with young people. We want to see new Christians join a local church and engage in long-term discipleship. 

"Partnership in our mission is key and at the forefront of what we do. We serve the local church and encourage, coach and help them design a follow-up program"

Afterbeat Enterprise

 The Afterbeat Enterprise Center is the heart of the Afterbeat charity. It’s the headquarters, a coffee cafe and a youth center. Afterbeat Enterprise is based in Veendam, The Netherlands. A region with the most deprived areas in The Netherlands. 

Coffee Cafe

The Afterbeat Coffee Cafe is a social enterprise based in our Enterprise Center. At the cafe we support young people with low job/employement prospects with barista workshops, daycare, a traineeship or a voluntary job. The young people that work at the cafe have mental health problems and get support through our volunteers and staff. 

Youth Center

In our Enterprise Center we also host a Youth Center for young people in our region. At Sunday night we have a youth night in partnership with the local churches. On Monday and Wednesday evening we have our regular Youth Clubs. We reach out to the young people through our school work in the local area. We invite them to a show in the local club where we also present our youth center. This way we can build relationships with young people and tell them about the love off Christ.