Transform (USA)

Using a red brick warehouse in Denver, Colorado as their venue, Transform was known for producing positive, drug-free warehouse parties for people in the underground rave/club scene.  Also they unashamedly shared the love of Jesus during these events.   Subsequently, through repeated and successful performances at Afterbeat’s school projects, Transform became the most important ambassador and partner for our mission. In partnership with Afterbeat, these legendary DJs developed an effective way of sharing faith through school projects in England, Scotland, the USA and The Netherlands.

Triple O (UK)

This MOBO award winner & two-time GMA nominee, Triple O is a Christian rapper with numerous independent releases. Triple O is an artist whose focus is on spreading the message through his music. He has graced the Oceans arena in front of over 10,000 young people at the Festival of Life.
He has also done numerous tv appearances and performed at some of London’s most vibrant venues. Triple O aims to accurately communicate God’s heart to a mainstream culture without compromising the message of the Cross. This makes Triple O an amazing ambassador for our charity.

DJ Genesis (UK)

Through his work, Genesis, a.k.a Sean, has DJ’d for many different bands, artists & DJs, as well as working with award winning Mobo artist Triple O and at  MTV with UK celebrities! In 2019 DJ Genesis joined a European tour with Transform from the USA. Furthermore, DJ Genesis runs a charity called Ignite Movement in the North East of England. This charity is key to Afterbeat. DJ Genesis writes most lessons for Afterbeat and is present at every project. Whether you are looking for workshops, lessons or speaking in a church, everything is possible with this absolute legendary missionary in God’s Kingdom.

Trampolines (USA)

Getting married on a Trampoline, Playing shows in Syrian warzones, Sci-Fi music videos and Action movie Bible studies. Pretty much everything the world never knew it needed, but it did. Split between ministry through music and film in the U.S. and international mission work, Trampolines just loves the people of this world and believes in taking the words of Jesus literally. Lane and Cary write and produce all of their songs and videos while on the road. Their live show feels almost cinematic with their use of keytars, fire, stunts, and high energy crowd interaction. 

DJ Sonar Zone

Tim a.k.a. Sonar Zone is our amazing Techno/Trance DJ from Scotland. Without Tim there would not be an Afterbeat Charity in the UK. In 2015 he visited Afterbeat in The Netherlands and worked hard to get CEO Alko Stoel over to Scotland in 2018. He has produced lots of tracks since the 90s and is well known in the Christian Dance Scene. Tim has a heart for the club life and wants to spend his time mixing on the radio, at events and producing. He also loves attending events as a club chaplain.

Sean Be (USA)

Sean Be is a rising recording artist from Denver Colorado. Through his music and high energy shows  he pushes to be a light to listeners, and other artists in the industry.  Above all, Sean’s message is – purpose. “You are here for a reason, you did not come this far just to come this far.” Sean’s belief in this message has pushed him to grow the music ministry and encouraged him to complete the work God started in him. In 2019 Sean Be produced a track with Transform called “Jericho”