Afterbeat uses personal stories to aid prevention. Our Christian belief tells us that we can turn bad experiences into good. That’s why we believe the best way to discover the truth about addiction is through the words of those who have been there. By telling their stories, they can pass on what they have learned so we can raise awareness and avoid young people going down the same path. With booking a class, lesson or workshop you get two of our key team members, Jan and Grant who both are connected to the nightclub scene and both have a personal story to tell. Jan and Grant hope to raise awareness and to prevent young people from making the same bad decisions they made.

Addicted & homeless

Jan is from The Netherlands and one of our team members who has been working for years in our charity as a trustee and volunteer.  Raising money with his work as an iron collector you can find him throughout the Netherlands. Jan was homeless for many years and addicted to drugs and alcohol. His life changed in a moment kneeling on a railway track and asking for help from God. When he recovered from rehab he made himself a promise to never go back into a nightclub. He now runs the security during the night club events of Afterbeat.

MC in Nightclubs

Grant is our Scottish MC at our Afterbeat events and had many difficulties in his life. For 19 years of his life he was an MC in several nightclubs and used a lot of alcohol and party drugs in the rave scene until he came to the end of himself. Grant went to a Christian residential rehab where he found faith and dealt with all the pain, shame and guilt he had experienced. Grant’s life has been turned around and all for the better. Grant loves to help people by sharing his experience. “Prevention is better than the cure.”