New lesson: Anxiety

Sean Be from Colorado USA is an incredibly up-coming talent who has a heart for young people. Commissioned by our foundation, he made a ‘spoken word’ (see video) that we will use during our lessons in secondary schools. The theme that we want to focus on in the coming 2 years is ‘Anxiety’. Many studies have shown that the current crisis and developments make young people anxious, resulting in psychological problems.

We believe that after the Corona crisis the need for our lessons in schools will be very high. In a study by the mental health charity Young Minds, 2,111 young people, who had a history of mental health needs, were asked how the pandemic had affected them. Of the 83% who said the pandemic had made their mental health worse, 32% said it had made it “much worse” and 51% said it had made it “a bit worse”.

In an answer to the Corona Crisis, we really want to help the schools and the community to prevent suicide, depression and other mental health-related issues by giving exciting lessons with our bands. When the schools reopen we will have lessons ready about anxiety and hope to speak into the life of young people in schools.

This is the reason we wrote a lesson on Anxiety. A lesson where we intend to give students perspective, hope and purpose to deal with any anxiety as a result of the virus. In partnership with Sean Be we made an amazing video to be used in the lessons. 

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