Information for schools

The Afterbeat charity has been working in schools for over 10 years in many nations in partnership with bands, schools, churches and other organisations. Next to usual music lessons we provide for schools, we use Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in combination with media and creativity in professionally-led lessons and assemblies to inspire young people, through a positive message of faith, identity, self-esteem, resilience and mental health.

Our lessons

Our lessons are designed to keep all students engaged in a range of different situations. We tailor our lessons or assemblies to every national curriculum, communicating with teachers, school- workers, chaplains and other organisations involved in our project. Our artists use their musical talents with theme-based music tracks, personal testimonies and videos. We engage with young people and debate around issues such as mental awareness.

The Afterbeat school project lessons are 100% free of charge. All costs are covered by donations, funding, ticketing and individuals who support the Afterbeat charity.


All our creative teams offer the following lessons & assemblies in Secondary/High schools:

– Anxiety (new)
– Predjudice/Racism (new)
– Identity
– Resilience
– Drugs prevention / Substance misuse*
– Sex & relationships*
*Not included in project weeks

National & international frameworks

In the following sections  you’ll find more detailed information of what we offer, who we partner with and how we fit with the relevant national curriculum/ inspection framework in the nations where we work.

Download an example of a lessonplan in this link. 


Our lessons complement and support the experiences and outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence. Read more.


In England we partner with IGNITE Movement to set up Afterbeat school projects.  Read more.

The Netherlands

Afterbeat was founded in the Netherlands and has over 7 years of experience providing lessons in high schools. Read more


Partner with us in an international school project!  Download our international school pack here. 


End of the week concert

The pinnacle of every project is our EDM concert at the end of the week, in a safe and suitable venue for young people. This is organised in partnership with the local church and other local youth organisations. During the concert the young people will have a great time as we share more about our faith. They will have an opportunity to find out more about youth groups, other church-based activities and organisations with whom we partner.

Parent letter

Every student receives a leaflet with relevant information about the event and the ticketing. We ensure every student who obtains a ticket receives a parent letter, with an explanation about the event.